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Action APP design and production

Make iOS/Android APP interface design and program development,Apps are widely used,Visible in shopping, membership, events, tools, community, customer service, GPS maps, photography, scanning, online communication, document management, audio, sports, games, Internet of Things (IoT) and other areas,On to everyday life,Down to the enterprise production management has the opportunity to use。The key to the success of APP production lies in whether there is a complete planning and interface design. Bem attaches importance to each link and links layers together to maximize your product。

Site | reactive Responsive | gradual Progressive Web

The invention of browser has brought about the explosive development of digitalization. Modern people's life is inseparable from digital devices. The successful official network and system can drive the performance of enterprises to grow greatly。Different industries are suited for different styles and layouts, bem designers and engineers will complement each other to create cohesive and eye-catching products that appropriately convey the idea of brand representation, thus creating brand value, while also providing a layout suitable for mobile devices to enhance their readability。

Enterprise E system

When enterprises grow to a certain stage, they need to start thinking about the necessity of introducing new management thinking and evolving workflow. At this time, E-system becomes the most powerful tool。E-system can improve work efficiency, save operation time, and reduce error rate. It can quickly achieve the KPI (Key Performance Index) target, and promote enterprise growth。E-systems cover a wide range of data groups, exchanges, calculations and queries that need to be processed quickly by computers. Bem provides customized solutions。

E-commerce/cross-border e-commerce

Online shopping has become an important economic consumption mode in recent years, both B2C and C2C have significant growth。Bem assists customers to integrate jinliu gate connecting, as well as the convenience of the supermarket to pick up goods and pay。For B2B cross-border e-commerce businesses, there are also international payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe .

Cross-platform integration

A complete system often needs to be connected to different subsystems from all sides. We connect different apis (Application interfaces) to make data flow and share, thus expanding the compatibility of products and extending the availability。The most common examples are shopping platforms that link order tracking systems in transportation and logistics to show delivery status, and social platforms that link accounts so that a single account can access various services。

Data visualization

Data visualization is a part of business intelligence tools that can quickly understand data trends by graphically presenting data distribution, change, concentration, comparison, etc。The visual import of data can mark the distribution of data by color, area and track, which is often used in data analysis. The most common example is Dashboard.。We provide big data analysis and visual presentation in reports, so that users can quickly recognize rather than just see pure data。

UX interface design

User Experience (UX) is one of the key factors for the success and durability of a product. Interface planning and procedures are related to whether the User needs are met and whether the desired results can be achieved。The most common example of poor UX is poor connectivity causing users to get lost and close the browser, which is one of the reasons many websites have high conversion or bounce rates。We will guide users to read according to the characteristics and content ownership of the page, and emphasize or configure the main and important elements in the layout, so that users have a good browsing experience。

Interaction design

The common sensor device and software integration of the exhibition, so that people and the target body interaction process is interesting and rich, Bem provides Phidgets and KINECT sensor integration, and combined with Augmented Realty applications。

Bem also provides immersive web experiences using WebAR technology, allowing users to easily navigate the 3D world。

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Own development

Bem is a local manufacturer, all projects are written by engineers, not outsourced, project content and data security is guaranteed

On time delivery

Bem knew the execution expectations of each project and achieved them within the estimated time

Mainstream technology

Adopt mainstream technology, new development language and the first five deployment environment, so that your system will not become an orphan

Our advantages

arshire advantage

Focus on UX user experience

No matter how complex the system is, it is still controlled by people. Bem Outlines the outline and orientation of the product based on people's thinking, so that the functional surface of the system can be effectively implemented and mastered。We attach importance to and explore the presentation and mechanism of the user interface, so that the interaction of each contact point can be perfectly interpreted, so as to bring users a pleasant experience。

arshire advantage

Rich industry experience

More than 20 years of rich implementation experience in industry, government and academia,Let us have a certain degree of cognition and understanding of the know-how of all walks of life,That's why you don't just listen to clients when planning projects,More two-way communication can put forward appropriate suggestions and improvement of the practice,Then play one plus one is greater than two plus multiplication effect。

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Value balance and efficiency

For different projects,Engineers don't always use the same architecture,Instead, the best deployment environment and development language will be determined based on the characteristics of the required functionality, operating environment, user demographics, capacity, and subsequent maintenance,To achieve the future system efficiency maximization and the balance of the operating end,When planning blueprints, architects will choose the most suitable building structures and materials according to their types and uses,To lay the foundation。

arshire advantage

Comprehensive consideration, attention to detail

When a product is presented on a mobile device, many key factors need to be considered in planning, rather than simply implementing directly on a mobile device what a computer has。Designers and engineers will be able to sort out and optimize the features of the devices they use. Unlike computers, mobile devices have abundant resources, and the devil is in the details。

arshire advantage

International competence

Facing the international society, many business activities have already crossed over the world. Bem's rich experience in international practice can lead enterprises to go global, whether it is international sales and payment system of cross-border e-commerce, or data transmission, instant communication, etc. Bem can provide effective solutions。

arshire advantage

Lightweight content management system

A good website must be equipped with a comprehensive background content management system, so that information is updated immediately and there is no need to wait。Bem conceived the background based on the principle of an easy-to-use and friendly interface, so that people with no information background can use it quickly, rather than a complex interface that makes people look daunting。

Design concept

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designs style Usability

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